Making an Appointment

Emergency appointments can be booked by calling the surgery phone number on the same day at 8 am via option 1 of the main surgery line. The appointments can be booked for morning or afternoon sessions. However, it may not always be with your chosen doctor. The receptionist may ask you the reason for the appointment so that they can direct you to the appropriate health care professional.

Other ways of booking an appointment:

  •  Through the patient access area of this site.
  •  Non-urgent appointments can be made in person or over the phone. These appointments can be given only after two weeks.

DNAS – Did Not Attend

Appointments are precious. If you book an appointment and you were not able to attend please inform the surgery beforehand so that appointment can be offered to another person who is in need.

The Practice follows a strict policy for DNAs.When you do not attend an appointment you will get a text message informing about your DNA. If you have more than 3 DNAs you will be sent a first warning letter. After 3 warning letters, your name will be removed from the surgery.


A & E

If you are having chest pains and breathing difficulties please go to the A&E immediately. Do Not Wait for a GP appointment.